Is your research taking you out of your institution’s laboratory?
Do you need help getting your fieldwork organized?

You have come to the right place!


…you can let us handle all the logistics for your research study in the field.

No matter where in the world you need to go, we will take care of your

  • travel
  • transportation
  • lodging
  • food and other necessities

This gives you peace of mind so you can excel at the science.


For more than 20 years we have been facilitating research protocols, specifically the type of studies that involve human research subjects in natural environments such as mountains or deserts.

We take care of logistical arrangements such as transportation of people and equipment, lodging, and meals so you as a scientist can focus fully on the reason you are in the field: to collect high-quality data.

A sample of the services we provide:

  • Budgeting the cost of field work components for grant submissions;
  • Determining and negotiating the best value for travel, transportation, and lodging;
  • Booking and managing all travel reservations;
  • Making arrangements to accommodate all food and nutritional needs in the field;
  • Arranging insurance coverage for all aspects of the project;
  • Coordinating all (sub)contractual partners on the project;
  • If applicable, RLC will consult and partner on commercialization of study outcomes;

About Us

Research Logistics LLC is a woman-owned company, based in Denver, Colorado.

Owner and CEO Barbara Lommen has coordinated national and international research projects for over 20 years, first at the University Hospital in Copenhagen and later at the University of Colorado in Denver.

Barbara is fluent in 5 languages and holds a Master of Business Administration from the Free University Brussels. Having worked and lived in various countries she can draw on her vast experience in cross-cultural communication and negotiation to troubleshoot and get things done -quickly and effectively. She has organized large field components of research projects in remote locations like Bolivia and Ethiopia as well as closer to home in the Colorado Rockies.

Her years in an academic setting made Barbara realize how large university structures are not well suited to accommodate non-laboratory-based research projects that require speed, flexibility, and nimbleness.

This led to the inception of Research Logistics LLC, a company providing logistics services and research coordination to investigators whose projects contain a fieldwork component.


For additional information or to discuss your specific needs please contact us:

Phone: 720-284-7074